Adhering to the principle of “Equal Employment and Fair Competition”, we are committed to introducing talents that meet the requirements of business development and matching specific positions. We provide career opportunities for job-seekers with challenging and up-to-date opportunities. Connect the bridge between the company and the job seeker, and work together for a better future!
    Talent Concept
    People are the most important capital of CIMC. CIMC always adheres to the concept of human resources development of “national strength, wealth and common development”, and unifies enterprise development and employee development. The 3P (Position Management, Performance Management and Talent Management) model is the basic basis for CIMC's talent evaluation. This has gradually established a staff training system and multi-channel career development system with CIMC characteristics.
    Career Development
    In addition to salary, the company also provides various benefits for employees, including: social insurance, supplementary pension plan, commercial insurance, free lunch, one-child allowance, health checkup, rich cultural and sports activities, travel, holiday condolences, birthday congratulations, employee freshmen Congratulations
    Compensation and benefits
    CIMC's salary management follows the management principle of “competitive efficiency, competitive talents, and competitive compensation”. It improves the competitiveness of enterprises through scientific and effective salary management, encourages capacity improvement and adheres to performance orientation, attracting Incentives and retention of talents The wages and benefits paid to employees are competitive in the local area, and the annual salary review is carried out according to the growth of the economic benefits of the enterprise, and the salary and bonuses are raised for the employees.