CIMC Tianda is committed to making urban life better, providing high-end and intelligent service equipment and solutions for global cities to make travel smoother, life safer, and logistics faster. The main business is divided into airport and logistics equipment, fire fighting We are always committed to providing customers and society with more advanced and reliable products and services. With the continuous pursuit of innovative technology and excellent quality, we have emerged from the fierce global market competition over the past 20 years and have developed into a large-scale international company.

In the field of airport and logistics equipment, the passenger boarding bridge business steadily ranks first in the world. Currently, its products are distributed in 75 countries, covering 345 airports, and more than 7,500 products have been delivered. The market share in the Chinese market exceeds 90%, and the European market share is about 50%. With excellent performance and experience in the fields of airports, express e-commerce, home furnishings, energy and chemicals, and medicine, the overall business strength ranks among the leading domestic levels. Its subsidiary, Deli International, is a world-renowned airport baggage and logistics system integrator, and its aviation processing system is stable. Ranked among the top three in the world. It has 45 awards including the "Manufacturing Single Product Champion" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "Star Cloud (three-star) in Jiangsu Province", various provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards, and the "All-weather high-precision aircraft berth guidance system" by the Ministry of Science and Technology. "Airport Automatic Logistics Processing System Industrialization Project" and other national scientific research projects.

In the field of firefighting and rescue equipment, it has a complete product line of firefighting and rescue equipment, and has the ability to extend the comprehensive firefighting and rescue business to "vehicles + equipment + services + station building". The domestic market share is about 20%, ranking first in the country, and its subsidiary Ziegler has the largest market share in the German market. It has a complete product line of fire and rescue equipment, and has the ability to extend the comprehensive fire and rescue business of "vehicles + equipment + services + station building", with a domestic market share of about 20%, ranking first in the country, and its subsidiary Ziegler in the German market First in market share.

Today's CIMC-TianDa has more than 5,000 employees worldwide, more than 30 subsidiaries and business organizations in China, Singapore, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United States, Indonesia, Australia and other countries and regions, and has now formed a coverage Global R&D, production, marketing and service network.