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CIMC Tianda equipment products distribution map of nearly 140 countries and regions around the world
The video center always grasps the national industrial policy and the pulse of the industry development.
We are committed to making city life better, providing high-end, intelligent service equipment and solutions for global urban services, making travel more smooth, safer in life, faster in logistics, and re-organizing our mission and vision to provide us with a broader a better future
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Company Profile
CIMC Tianda Holding Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CIMC Group and is affiliated to the Airports Division. In April 2018, the Group completed the restructuring and integration of the airport business, and incorporated its airport business platform company into the Hong Kong listed company China Fire Protection, which originally held 30% of the shares. And at 9:00 am on May 18, 2018, Hong Kong Main Board 00445 "China Fire" officially changed its name to "CIMC Tianda", since then "CIMC-TianDa Holdings Company Limited" and Chinese name: "CIMC Tianda Holding Co., Ltd. is said to be externally; after the reorganization, the Group holds more than 50% of the equity of CIMC Tianda, and the Group regards the fire equipment business as another important business development direction.